Who is MHSEA?

The Missouri High School Esports Association is a group of educators working together to promote and support high school Esports across Missouri. We are men and women creating a path for students to be involved and engaged in schools. We care about our students.  We want them to have a fun, positive and safe gaming experience through a platform that is accessible to all. MHSEA was built by gamers for gamers.


What are the Benefits of Being on an Esports Team?


It would be the same as any other team sport that you can think of. Here are benefits that we think are important to note when talking about an Esports team.

- Creates New Friendships

- Builds Confidence and Outgoing Attitude

- Increases School Participation

- Develops Leadership Skills

- Improves Communication Skills

- Opportunity for Collaboration and Creativity 

- Encourages Critical Thinking at a Fast Pace

- Provides Scholarship Opportunities

- Students Build Digital Media Skills Applicable to 21st Century Jobs


Can We be a Part of MHSEA?

Here is how you can be a part of one of the fastest growing organizations in Missouri!


1. Current employee of a Missouri School District or Missouri College Coach.

2. Coach or sponsor for your schools Esports team.

I Meet the Requirements, What is Next?

1. Hover your mouse button over the Registration Links section at the top of the website

2. Click on MHSEA Registration

3. Register your school with the google form

What if I Want to Compete?

1. Be sure to check out our recent news and events slide show on the home page of the website for any events that are upcoming / current!


Click here for our contact page!

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